What is Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon Affiliate Program in best program for Indians affiliates .Affiliate networks will always be incomplete without listing the Amazon Affiliate Program . Amazon Affiliate is a program that works in every niche and you have a huge opportunity to make money from it.

In this Program first of all register in the Amazon Associates & fill all the details like your name. Website name & YouTube channel name. bank account details , first fill all details approved your Amazon Programs 7 – 10 working days base on your Website or YouTube Traffic.

How does Amazon affiliate program work?

Let’s understand this with an one example:

Rutvik is a Technical blogger who finds an interesting technical product on Amazon like Mobile Phones , Earphones and other products. Now, he wants to write about it and let others know about this new technical product.

One way, he could simply write about the product & his readers to click on the link & buy the product.

Now, one fine day, Rutvik got to know about this free beginner’s guide on the Amazon associate programming & Amazon affiliate program by hardikmangroliya, and he learned everything about the Amazon affiliate programs.

He followed the steps mentioned in this guide to signup for Amazon affiliate programs account & replaced it. Technical product with Amazon affiliate link.

Now, from his on, She’s users clicked on his blog link to visit Amazon & purchase the product & he made a commission on every sale. Now, he was getting double benefits:

The best part, it took only 1-2 hours to learn everything and he was earning a handsome income from Amazon without any extra work.

Now, Perusing her hobby/passion as a blogger, She was earning money to pay her student loan. Fund her new travel plans & grow her online business.

Now, in the further section to this guide, you will learn how to get start with Amazon affiliate programs in blogger.

Who could join the Amazon Affiliate Account?

Three categories of people can  join the Amazon affiliate programs:

1.Blogger/Website owners: People who have a blog or an existing website.

2.You Tubers: If you have a YouTube channel, you can use it to apply to become an Amazon affiliate.

3.Social media Influencers: Amazon influencer is a new program it is open to mini-celebrities & Known As social media influencers.

Amazon give commission on own programs/products like:

1. Amazon prime

2. Amazon Business

3. Amazon prime

4. Amazon Music

5. Amazon audible·      

6. Amazon gifts and many others

Click here to join Amazon Affiliate network now..

Amazon Affiliate commission rates in 2021:

Amazon gives a affiliate commission rate for a product in a specific category.

This is the new Amazon affiliate programs commission rate for 2021:


This kinds of programs, Amazon gives one-time commission (Bounty) ranging from $0.5 to $15.


Below,list of many other countries Amazon Affiliate Programs store signup page link:

How To create Account Amazon Affiliate Program ?


Click on above the store link on which you want to create your affiliate account.

Click on the Join now & log in with your Amazon account login or if you don’t have an Amazon account, simply click on create one amazon account .

It is only 4 steps process that you need to fill and to start using Amazon affiliate  account:


After select the account information for the payments, on the next page you will need to enter your YouTube channel or Android/iOS app & Website link.


One step complete & click on Next & fill up your profile. First this is all done, you will be inside the Amazon Affiliate Programs dashboard, we will look something like this:


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