A Facebook Ads Custom Audience is an advertising service that allows import to business user email for retargeting on the social media platform. Not only do they have the biggest user base, With 1.47 billion daily active users, but Facebook also offers a large potential audience for advertisers. but they also seem to make plenty of money with their advertisement system.

Custom Audiences
Facebook Custom Audiences
facebook Custom Audiences
Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences is a great way for online businesses to interact with users across multiple channels. Custom Audiences are one of the most highly-targeted forms of marketing, making them increasingly popular with e-commerce stores who want to keep their brands top-of-mind with interested consumers.

Benefits of using Facebook Ads Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allows companies to target contextual advertisements directly at consumers who have recently visited their websites, enticing people to purchase while the products are still fresh in their minds.

Types of Custom Audiences

1) Customer List:      

A list of Facebook IDs, phone numbers or emails that Facebook will match them with its users. Facebook will usually match between 60-70% of the contacts on your list. You have the option to import from a file upload/copy and paste (basically a spreadsheet format), or import directly from email tool.

Customer List
Customer List

The last option allows Facebook Ads Custom Audiences to associate a lifetime value to your imported contacts, which can help identify loyal customers for e-commerce companies. Most businesses will opt to upload their own file at this point. Even if your whole list is from one country, including the country column is recommended as it helps to get more positive matches.

2) Website Custom Audiences:

Instead of users’ email addresses or phone numbers, You can customize this code to track any action. This can be a visit to your page, adding an item to the shopping cart, adding an item to a wish list, etc.

Website Custom Audiences
Website Custom Audiences

You can get very creative with this. When you have the pixel installed on your website, it triggers every time someone does any of the actions you specify.

Website Custom Audience Options:

People who visited specific web page: this allows you to filter based on links, either including or excluding certain keywords or the entire link string.

Visitor by time spent: select the top 10%, 15% or 25% of website visitors based on time spent on site.

From your event: pick a pixel event to build an audience from. For instance, use the purchase event to create a list of recent customers.

Website Custom Audiences:
Website Custom Audiences:

3) App Activity Custom Audiences:

With mobile accounting for over 90% of Facebook ads served, it only makes sense that creating audiences based on app activity is one of the leading forms of custom audiences You can create audiences based on what actions the audience takes when they use your app or game.

App Activity Custom Audiences
App Activity Custom Audiences
App Activity Custom Audiences
App Activity Custom Audiences

If your business has an application attached to it, you need to utilize custom audiences on Facebook.

4) Offline Activity:

Conversions that happen while meeting, such as in stores, shopping malls can be logged and then listed on a spreadsheet which is then uploaded to Facebook. Offline events take your customer files or mail list data even further, transforming it from a static file to one that can be updated with nuanced data over time.

Offline Activity
Offline Activity

As you can associate an offline purchase event with revenue value to a contact (using email, phone, country, etc) and match it to Facebook data which will attribute the sale to the specific ad that leads to the initial contact.

5) Facebook Sources Engagement Custom Audiences:

At last, we have the Engagement custom audience, allowing you to remarket ads and content to users that have engaged with specific post types in the past.

Facebook Sources Engagement Custom Audiences:
Facebook Sources Engagement Custom Audiences

You can build audiences of those who engage with your posts, videos, events and forms on Facebook and Instagram. The duration of these audience types is up to a year  (apart from for lead forms which are 3 months), although the six types of engagement custom audiences really open up the doors for new businesses or those that are too small to have built up email lists or large volumes of website traffic.

Video Engagement Custom Audience:

You can create an audience based on how long they’ve viewed your video (in seconds), or how much of your video they’ve seen (as a percentage).

Video Engagement Custom Audience:
Video Engagement Custom Audience

Since people tend to drop off after the first 3 seconds of watching a video, you can start with a shorter viewing audience to capture a larger number of people.

But also experiment with people who are more fully engaged with your videos and your ads.

Instagram Business Profile Custom Audience:

You can create an audience based on people who’ve met any or all of the criteria based on their interaction with your Instagram business profile.

Instagram Business Profile Custom Audience:
Instagram Business Profile Custom Audience
  • Anyone who visited your business profile.
  • People who engaged with a post or ad. This includes likes, comments, carousel swipes, saved items, tapping call-to-action buttons or sharing a post or ad using direct message.
  • People who saved any of your posts or ads
  • People who sent you a message.

Lead Form Custom Audience:

If you’re running Facebook Ads for Lead Generation, you can lead people to take any actions your lead gen forms.

Lead Form Custom Audience
Lead Form Custom Audience

For example:

  • Anyone who opened a form.
  • People who opened but didn’t submit a form.
  • People who opened and submitted forms.

Event Custom Audience:

If you’ve created a Facebook Event for a conference, seminars or even an online webinar, you can target people based on all activity.

They’ve taken on your event page – from people who’ve, RSVP’d to people who’ve purchased tickets.

Event Custom Audience
Event Custom Audience

Instant Experience Custom Audience:

Instant Experiences (IX) are ads that open up a full-screen experience promoting your products or services.

So this gives you the ability to target people who’ve engaged with any of your Instant Experiences.

Including people who opened your IX or clicked on any product links in it.

Instant Experience Custom Audience
Instant Experience Custom Audience

Facebook Page Custom Audience:

Targeting people who’ve interacted with your Facebook Page is another way to re-engage people.

That have actively taken the step to follow or engage with your business.

Facebook Page Custom Audience
Facebook Page Custom Audience

You can choose any Page actions, from people who simply went to your Page.

Did not take any specific actions, to Customers who engaged with a post to your Page and more.

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