Facebook Business Manager : The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Business Manager : The Ultimate Guide

Now that Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are stay in Power Editor, outlets who need to take gain of Facebook Advertising will must set up Facebook Business Manager first.

But we don’t have all the time inside the international to study the fine details of Facebook Business Manager.That’s why we have a tendency to created this no-muss-no-fuss.

1. Add Data Sources for your Facebook Business Manager

We’re lumping in “Line of Business” and “Projects” into this statistics section due to the fact they have plenty to do with your analytics measurements.

Create a New Line of Business

Create a New Line for your  Business and Organize Projects

The “Line of business” characteristic offers you the capability to manage businesses of assigned people, partners, and assets. The predominant factor is to apply these statistics assets for Facebook Attribution so that you can slice and dice records to parent out your buyer’s journey.

You can create more than one Lines of Business, and manipulate people, partners, ad accounts, apps, pixels, offline event sets, and custom conversions within each one.

Facebook Attribution

Projects on Facebook Business Manager give you the ability to organize all your pages and marketing accounts. When you need to give permissions to another crew member or partner, you presently have the capacity to offer them get entry to to everything in the project, and now not just man or woman assets.

Set Up Your Catalog

Your “Catalog” is clearly your company’s offerings. You are familiar with these if you have run Dynamic Ads on yuor Facebook before. Possible feed types consist of:

  • Products
  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Destinations
  • Home Listings
  • Vehicles

You can either create a brand new catalog, or request get right of entry to to a preexisting catalog.

create a new catalog

Note: If you’re developing a new product catalog, you will need to visit “Catalogs > Product Data Sources”. See below:

add products with data feeds

You can learn extra approximately this in our weblog post approximately putting in place a product catalog and importing feeds on Facebook.

Connect Your Facebook Pixel

If you don’t have your Facebook Pixel installation, you’re lacking out at the most effective advertisements out there; Dynamic Ads.

We should cross on and on approximately the Facebook Pixel and a way to set it up. And happily for you, we have. We’ve even written approximately the way to proportion your Facebook Pixel with an agency.

Make positive you know the Facebook Pixel is set up efficiently before completing this step. Otherwise, you could come to be with invalid or skewed statistics.

create a Facebook Pixel

Set Up Offline Event Sets

Offline occasion sets virtually means you can attribute occasions that don’t take place online on your Facebook advert campaigns.

You can do track those by importing customer records in a .Csv file.

create an offline event sets

Facebook accepts the following facts points:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Mobile advertiser ID
  • First name
  • Last name
  • ZIP/postal code
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Extern ID
  • Event time (up to 2 years within the past)
  • Name of event
  • Details of event

Before you upload this file, it’s worth searching into Facebook’s occasion statistics high-quality practices so that you can get the first-class feasible results.

From there, you may assign ad accounts and people to the offline activities and set tracking alternatives. You additionally have the ability to toggle on an automatic assignment for new ad campaigns.

assign ad accounts and set tracking

assignment people to test

Set Up Custom Conversions

Custom conversions are optional – and they’re mainly essential if you actually need to measure one-of-a-kind conversion events for your site separately.

For example, possibly you have three exclusive merchandise that you’d don’t forget totally exclusive conversions, and don’t need the ones to count towards and typical total. All of those separate conversions could be recorded with a custom conversion.

Another example is probably if you’ve carried out base code on your website, but you haven’t installation fashionable activities. According to your Facebook, you can “go away the code as is and create custom conversions using URL  rule and regulations instead.”

Set Up Event Source Groups

This is where all your pixel, app, offline event sets, and pages come collectively to build a whole shopper’s journey.

Select “+Add” to mix App, Facebook Pixel, or Page Data to for an occasion source group.

Set Up Event Source Groups

Basically, Event Source Groups allow you to view all app, pixel, and web page statistics within Analytics.

For example, if you’d like to see what number of consumers who shared one in all your page posts and subsequently made a purchase, you could try this with the energy of these combined statistics points.

Set Up Shared Audiences

Shared Audiences are helpful if you have multiple advert accounts, and want to consist of target audience targeting alternatives between both.

It’s additionally useful in an example where you are migrating your internet site and want any other Facebook Pixel, so that you can proportion your audience data along with your new advert account.

2. Select Brand Safety Preferences

Add Your Domain to Facebook Business Manager

When you verify your domain, you’re given the potential to edit hyperlinks in your domain. And it’s less difficult on Facebook than numerous other platforms where you have to get into your website’s HTML – you have two options to verify your domain:

Upload your HTML document on your internet directory

Add a DNS TXT entry for your DNS record

If this is gibberish to you, head to the Facebook for Developers page to get extra unique instructions.

How to Use Block Lists in your Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Ad Display Network is much like different advert networks, wherein you could’t entirely manipulate in which your ads seem, but you can influence wherein they don’t seem.

That’s in which Block Lists come in. You can block where your commercials appear throughout the internet – that is especially useful if you observe you’re stoning up on beside the point or absolutely inappropriate sites.

How to Use Block Lists in Facebook Business Manager

First, download a list to see in which your advertisements could appear. (Once you have got more records around where your commercials have appeared, you may take a look at that list, too.)

You’ll see something like this as soon as you’ve downloaded that ZIP report:

audience network

Then, copy/paste the undesirable URLs into the Business Manager’s blocked list on your account.

Block lists

Here are Facebook’s necessities for block lists.

Your block listing can contain:

Website domains and app keep URLs to block on Audience Network

Facebook Page URLs to block Instant Articles

Facebook Page URLs to block in-move videos

Include one domain, app shop URL or Facebook Page URL in line with line. You can encompass as much as 10,000 lines.

Upload your file, then make certain Facebook approves your block listing.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve set your Business Manager account up correctly, you should have greater electricity and insights than you’ve ever had.

Not most effective will you be able to manipulate permissions and debts like a pro (especially beneficial if you’re an agency, but also useful in case you’re a brand with multiple employees dealing with Facebook).

Additionally, you’ll have get entry to to insights and analytics you’ve in no way seen earlier than into the buyer’s journey, specially in Facebook’s Attribution section. It’s those records points that allow you to make strategic decisions to assist your enterprise develop and your customers buy for the lengthy haul.

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