How to create Winning Facebook Ads Strategy

How to create Winning Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook Ads are the most powerful Technics to get more organic traffic on your site. Without Facebook Ads, you can’t promote your products and lead generation. here is showed How to create Winning Facebook Ads Strategy.

 There are many marketers use Facebook Marketing and create different Ads for promoting their brand and products. So is you want to create great marketing with ads and tack down your competitors, you should do something new than other marketers. So we should achieve a new strategy to create a great campaign and Target your competitors and their fans

We’ve gone through our archives to find some of the most powerful Facebook advertising strategies available. here showed all strategy is great if you accept that, you create more your audience and customers.

1. Use A Hybrid Facebook Advertising Strategy

We are live in a time where people used to use multiple devices to spend time online. Customer journeys might start while users are on their desktop researching a new product and end on a mobile device like a tablet or cell phone when they decide to buy the products. That’s why advertising can’t focus on one type of platform. Even though data shows that more people spend time on their mobile devices. if you want to get more traffic, you should do not only desktop advertisement but you should use all communication machines like the phone and create a mobile responsive design. Use a hybrid Facebook Wining Ads Strategy.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

2. Create Strong Pay-Per-Click

Facebook ads are really best strategy, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is  A strong Facebook advertising strategy takes this idea and gets more people to click on ads. how much people click on your Ads, you get more income, (revenue). Pay-Per-Click is the better your chances of funneling people to your site you have. A strong Facebook advertising strategy uses more than one PPC strategy. 

Pay- Per -click
Pay- Per -click

When you create Facebook Ads. Visuals are a powerful communication tool. 75%-90% of ad performance can be attribute to visuals. so you should create strong pay per click.

3. Create High-Quality Analysis

You should do a high-quality analysis. Run the competitive and high-quality analysis to understand the preferences of your competitors’ customers. Use this as an opportunity to figure out what your competitors’ audiences respond to and customize your ads to stand out. You should know that your competitor’s audience needs and get try to bring on your site.

The high-quality analysis is best for you to reach your specific and new customers and know for what they need. Use the different analyses for your Ads than other analyses. so you should create high quality Analysis.

Use high Quality Analysis

4. Facebook Ads Massanger 

Facebook has launched its messenger on 11 august in 2011. Since messenger is realize that has become a strong way to attract any customer form to communicate with them. 

Facebook Messenger Ads is the best tool for creating winning Ads. Add to that the fact that customers expect instant answers to their questions — and Facebook Messenger offers customers a direct link to you — and you have an open channel to offer really targeted ads.

Facebook Massanger Ads
Facebook Messenger Ads

The main difference between that type of ads And other marketer’s Ads types is call-to-action. Instead of guiding customers to a Facebook page or website landing page, Facebook Messenger ads invite customers to start a conversation.

Facebook Messenger has 2 billion active users, that’s why messenger Ads are very important to generate creative and winning type Ads. create Facebook Ads massanger. That’s why Facebook Create Winning Ads .

5. Use video Ads

These generation are the Latest generation. where if you are not put the best video, image, and diagram, you don’t get more traffic on your site so you should keep information all of your updates and customers’ likes and dislike. 

If you don’t put a video about what you have put on your site, you can’t promote as well about your brand and your products.

the video is able to lead a new generation without the best creative video you can’t bring an audience on your site. The 30-second video is able to understand long content to peoples and your competitors. So don’t forget this strategy to use on your sites.  Use video Ads.

use video
Use video Ads

6. Keep balance CPC and CTR

It’s not difficult and bad to show to customers about your Ads from 1 more time and again to again. but if often time see your Ads of your customer, your customer will ignore your ads, he will not click your ads and it will increase your bounce rate so your rat are decrees and your customer will use to avoid to see your Ads and you will lose your reputation and your attractiveness.


The Facebook Winning Ads experts say that the most effective ads don’t appear more than five times to the same customer. Any more than this means you’re heading towards a higher cost-per-click (CPC) and lower click-through rate (CTR).

So avoid this headache, decide on frequency specifications during ad creation. Set the frequency by telling Facebook how many times an ad should show up for each customer, 

So if you want to earn more rat, you would have to follow this guide. you should keep balance CPC and CTR.

7. Create a Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

A Custom Audiences an Ad targeting option that allows advertisers to target a from an uploaded customer list. The list can be inclusive of people from a customer file or people track by the Facebook pixel who have visited or tack actions on a your website, app, or Facebook page.

You can target them by their age, gender, location, interests and more. You can also use partner data and target by life events/behaviors, net worth/income, political affiliation, and household composition. 

Lookalike Audience is data-base of your customers list A Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are like to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers

Your Custom Audience made up your best customer than all of your customers.Facebook uses machine learning to analyze thousands of characteristics of your custom audience and create a larger audience that shares many of those—which has been one of the most Effective Technics we’ve seen for helping to improve campaigns.

8. create old in new Ads

It’s depend on your business If you decide to run weekly and monthly Ads. you ads run again and again   but it’s not mean that you would have to start to the start and that’s not require. You should Create Winning Facebook Ads.

 But If you want to create new ads A better approach is to take “old” ads and repurpose them to make them more engaging. 

Awareness Campaigns. These campaigns target that peoples who are most likely to engage with your brand. Facebook awareness campaigns design to share your brand story with this audience. 

Lead Generation Campaigns. Once people know who you are, the next step is to get their information, like an email address. To do this, offer value to your audience, so they are engaged with you and receptive to further communication


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