Do you want to reach more people on your Facebook site?. and want to increase your Facebook Post Shareability.

Yes, I think all marketers want.

Many businessmen want many people to reach on their site so Facebook is the largest platform of digital marketing because Facebook has 2.45 billion users and 1.37 billion active users come on Facebook daily.

It is the most important and entertainment social media platform where people spend 40 minutes daily on Facebook.  you want to leverage your social media marketing through Facebook in order to reach and engage with a much wider audience.

Here are shown all the things that How to Increase Facebook Post Shareability. You should consider all the things there are here show.

1. Choose The Right Post

You should choose the right post for the drop on your Facebook because interesting posts and the right posts will like more people and they will share your post to their relatives and friends. Choose the right post. It’s very useful to increase your post shareability.

1. Question post

Question post posts like where you are asking a question on any topic to your audience. You should wright that share my content and post to your friends and give me an answer to my problems and question

These posts managed to generate the highest interaction overall at 600+ interactions.

2. Image and Video Post

Image and video posts are most valuable to Facebook and other channels like Twitter and Instagram to reach more people.

Image and video Post

These are two things have the power to generate more people. which generated close to 450 interactions. These interactions include comments, likes, and shares on each post. Most people want to see images and videos of your content because people don’t wont to read your content. They are only one thing to create a better impression of your brand.

Videos are a great way to add an entertainment factor in your interactions with an Audience. You can tell your story through video, not by write content. More people interest to share your video not your content so you consider this thing.

3. Link Post

You can post your link to your website and share Link posts to help you share your website content and blog posts with your Facebook followers.  

You should consider these things in your mind. Don’t forget to drop your website link on your Facebook site.

2. Create Infographics

Most important and really working strategy is to create infographics. That means if you have a most amazing post for people like health-related posts and business-related posts, You can drop on Facebook but you can’t drop it biggest post ob Facebook so you should create infographics. You should drop a few captions, Images, and links. 

People read your caption and see your beautiful images. If whoever wants to read your post, They read your caption and click your call to action button like learn more. people click on it and direct redirect and reach on your site.

This thing is amazing and working, You should really try this. You can get richer on your site by Facebook and Infographics.

For Example,

Create Infographics

Their infographic content about the health benefits of turmeric generated more than 2000 shares in just 21 hours. You can then share this infographic content on Facebook along with a description and a link in the caption.

Make sure to invite people to click on the link to read more. If your content like to people, They share your post and increase your post shareability.

3. Choose The Right Time

All the things are important for marketing but If you do social media marketing and use the largest platforms like Facebook, You should remember the right timing it’s very important.

When you drop your post at the right time, You have a chance to get more traffic on Facebook. For example, If you want to put a business-related post, you should put your post in the evening time because most of the businessmen are free in the evening time and that time you will put your post, You will get more traffic on your site.

Choose Right Time

Like this way, all category related posts have different timing and you should drop your post in this time.  

According to their data, most Facebook shares occur on Saturday. Sundays also perform better than other days of the week, while Thursdays are the worst. 

4. Encourage to Share by Offers

If you are a marketer, you’ll be familiar with social media contests and offers. Hopefully, by now you would have realized that these are a great way to engage your audience and bring more visibility for your brand.  

Showcasing your content or offers through visual content can help you generate more shares because people want to share the awesome news with their friends and relatives.

There are few trices to attract your customers by  offers

1. Deiced Price

To ensure that your Facebook contest really gains traction, you need to give your fans the right motivation. 

Decide Price

In this case, the motivation is the prize. Make sure it’s one they would be ready to do something for. Even something as simple as getting featured on your page could compel fans to share your post.

2. Display the Details

You should display the details of your products or your brands. You should use attractive images so radars are seen your images and attract on your site you just have to create an eye-catching image listing the details.

Here’s an example of how you can display some of the important details of the offer or contest in a photo.

Display Details

I hope this example is very helpful for you. You should consider this thing in your mind and you should achieve in your post and blogs.

5. Keep It Short and Simple

If you are dropping your content long, You have a chance to increase your bounce rat on your site. because people don’t waste their time to read your lengthy blog post. 

People also like the images and videos to see in your blogs and content. One image and video tell all the things of your efforts and content so keep shortly caption and display details to your products.

According to the study, posts that have anywhere between 0 and 50 characters as descriptions/captions generated 411.16 interactions.

As you can see in the following chart, there’s a downward trend in the number of interactions as the number of characters increases.

Keep Short and Simple

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