What is SERP in SEO

SERP Project

Search Engine Result Pages are web pages that provide appropriate information to us whenever we search queries on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

This is very significant topic in SEO in digital marketing. We should learn this before entering in SEO in order to get success in this field.

 So are you ready to learn it?

Lets learn by one image :-

Search result of Google

In this image , user searched about Greta Thunberg and Google show so many results about it. Some results are organic and some are paid in this result. So there are many SERP features. Let’s know more about those features.

What are the most common SERP Features?

  1. Knowledge Features
  2. Top Stories
  3. People ask SERP Features
  4. Organic Result
  5. Paid Result
SEO-vital topic of digital marketing
Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

Knowledge Features

SERP knowledge penal example

The Knowledge Panel provide features of block where details appear about users searches and information that is appear on right side of the pic is cent-percent right . 

Knowledge Graph run knowledge penal in search engine – Google’s database accumulates information from the sources such as the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia.

Top Stories

top stories in SERP

Top stories feature gives us latest news report of user query and that story come from media platform and Newspaper.

People ask SERP features

People ask feature EX

This feature usually starts with a list of four questions. It can expand and provide short answers that look like a Featured Snippet. 

More questions can be added to the bottom of the list when you open a question. Related questions may show up anywhere on a SERP, but they usually stay at the top, often under the Featured Snippet. When you click on result of question you will redirect to the website of given answer of question.

Organic Result

Organic Result in search engine

When user search about something and he/she gets result from the search engine and user get result like in pic so that is call Organic Result.

In this feature website owner does not paid single penny to the google to get high rank in search engine though their ranking is high due to proper SEO of websites.

Digital Marketing is key to get success in Organic result

Paid Result

AD result by search engine

It has been many time when we see such type of result in which left side of the website clearly mention AD form the Search engine so this kind of result is known as AD result because website owner wants to get high traffic without working on SEO that is why he/she paid to search engine in order to get their website on top position.

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